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Sometime in 2005

No news is good news
(and more soon)

1 January 2004

Yaaay a much needed site-update in honour of 2004.
It's less than a day into the new year, but already I'm looking forward to forthcoming releases with Nitrada and Thee Moths, lots of gigs and new music with the Electroluvs, and maybe even some brand new music of my own!

Happy New Year everyone!

October 2003

The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling has been included in the soundtrack of Italian film "Prendimi e Portami via". The film is directed by Tonino Zangardi and stars Valeria Golino (Tom Cruise's wife in "Rainman"). Apparently it's a rubbish film. (Apart from the soundtrack of course).

May 2003

  • Electroluvs gig news
    Tuesday 13th May, King Tut's, Glasgow - T-break heats, doors 7pm.

  • NEW BAND+gig news!!!
    The Electroluvs popped up with an irresistable invitation to become the new backing-singing keyboard-playing girl in the duo. An astounding three rehearsals later and we're equipped with a magnificent mixture of Electroluv and Polopop songs and set for our first gig - supporting Motormark at Dr Drakes, Shiprow, Aberdeen on Saturday 3rd May at 9pm. It'll be an entertaining night! (one way or another).

  • Record release in Germany!!!
    1000 limited-edition copies of the German music magazine PNG (persona non grata) will come with a free 7" vinyl record on 8th of May featuring work in progress of a song called Fading Away being made with German electro-artist Nitrada.

July 2002

Firstly, Kaye is on the go again with a new, minimalist acoustic sound and a couple of new songs to prove it:

Secondly, I wrote some nice lyrics and recorded some very nice vocals for a song The Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling by Italian band Giardini di Mirò. It's now available on 7" vinyl in the UK on the Jonathon Whiskey label, 250 copies only and mail order only from Norman Records. Look for it as Heidi Whiskey 28 (the flip side features another great Italian band, Yuppie Flu). The song can also be found on Giardini di Mirò's latest EP, The Soft Touch EP. This is available on CD through their usual label Homesleep in Italy (also distributed in Japan and US). The song is beautiful, the band is fantastic and it's WELL worth hearing if you can track down a copy!

February 2002

Actually no news really, just the nice new collaboration section! I'm working gently on some new Kaye music, I've been listening to a lot of Nick Drake and strumming my guitar. (Just not infront of a microphone yet).

July 2001

Along with my sister in a duo called Barbados Villa, I'll be singing LIVE on the 21st July at a show in Edinburgh. Neither of us have ever sung live before. We'll be opening a showcase evening of four bands (not including us).. whipping up the audience into an frenzy of excitement as they wait impatiently through our acoustic strumming and humming for the bands they've paid to hear. I can't wait.

June 2001 is back in action! Please browse around and mail me if you find anything broken, wrong or bad. You can tell me if you don't like the new look either, but I certainly won't be doing anything about that for a year or two until I recover from the exhausting experience of this update.

Very Cherry But now you can catch up with some of the NEW MUSIC! There are several new Polopop songs, a new Polopop CD Very Cherry, and even a new(ish) Kaye song, Dream Angus.

New Kaye music will be on its way very shortly.