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Kaye? Polopop? WHO?

Photo of Kaye

Let me introduce myself. I am Kaye Brewster, aka Kaye, aka Polopop. Why do I use two names? Because I'm swept by conflicting musical moods and it doesn't seem fair to subject the people who enjoy my dreamy soothing celtic sounds, to my demonically trivial experimental synthpop. (And vice-versa of course). So once you discover which me is you, you can relax and listen in sheer, uncontaminated pleasure.

Absolutely me

I live in Edinburgh and record all this music in my spare time when I have any. I don't play live, except when I'm in The Electroluvs which is quite like Polopop in bits. I don't have a record deal because no one seems to want me, but that won't stop me making music, oh no. On my night off, I sit back play violin in the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Technical specifications

Here are the things I've used over the years to make everything you hear:

  • Korg X3 keyboard
  • Violin
  • Vantage acoustic guitar
  • AMD Athlon 500MHz PC - 128MB RAM
  • Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
  • Fruityloops
  • Broadcast 2000 (free wav-file editor/mixer for Linux)
  • Sony MZR-35 MD recorder / Sony microphone
  • Free phone headset from Visitalk (used for all vocals in Very Cherry except Deeper than me)
  • Intel Pentium 100MHz PC - 48MB RAM
  • Gravis Ultrasound PnP / free mic (donated to Kizzy)
  • SoundForge
  • LAME mp3 encoder
  • Various miscellaneous whistles, drums, spoons and whatever else I happen to find lying under the sofa