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Thanks to all the lovely people who invited me to collaborate over the years! I've decided not to catalogue mp3 collaborations and remixes here any more, they belong to other people and have mostly vanished off the face of the internet anyway. I've remembered all those artists and friends in my links, the songs in question may still be available somewhere on their websites, or somewhere else, maybe or maybe not.

Here instead is the smaller, sleeker discography of published collaborations:


  • Giardini di Mirò . Last Act in Baires . [CD: Punk ...not Diet!; Label Homesleep; HOME 511924-2]


  • Giardini di Mirò . Soft Touch of Berlin Guitarfalling . [CD: the soft touch EP; Label Homesleep; HOME 508665-2] & [Giardini di Mirò/Yuppie Flu split 7"; Label Jonathon Whiskey; Heidi Whiskey 28]


  • Dodo Bird . Deeper than me . [CD: Flat; Label Capp; CAPP-CD82]
  • Albatross . Ought . [CD: Joy; Label Capp; CAPP-CD50]