Barbados Villa

With my sister Christy (aka Kizzy), we played a small live acoustic set one night at The Mercat in Edinburgh as the opening entertainment for a showcase of local bands. We performed as Barbados Villa. The event took place on Saturday, 21st July 2001 at 8.30pm. It was a resounding success but we have no current plans to repeat the nerve-wracking experience any time soon.

Odd choice of name

Drawing of
Barbados Villa Barbados Villa (in the picture) was the name of our house where we lived and grew up. The picture itself is an original pencil drawing by Christy's good friend, Toby Gough.


Our set consisted of the following songs:
  • The grass is greener (originally by Kizzy)
  • My dream (.. Polopop)
  • Sleep (.. Kaye)
  • Empty streets (.. Kizzy)
  • Pourquoi (.. Kizzy)
  • Overload (.. Sugababes)


Songs from some of our practices (gloriously raw and full of mistakes) are online at